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Level Two Stupidity

I’ve written previously about the lengths that the Nanny State, in their zeal to save us from ourselves, will take to homogenize the masses into a mindless horde of drones that looks to the wisdom of Project Group Think instead of allowing the individual to appeal to their own common sense. Schools, filled to the […]

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On The Wussification of the American Male

Has anyone seen the “Hunger Games”? The latest sensation featuring a strong female protagonist dropped into a perverse survival-of-the-fittest contest against other “tributes”? Or maybe “Avengers”, or better yet, “The Lord of the Rings”? All feature a prominent character, all good guys, whose tool of the trade is a bow and arrow. Ever play Cowboys and Indians […]

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International Liberty

Restraining Government in America and Around the World

Watts Up With That?

The world's most viewed site on global warming and climate change

Political Fireball

Your Voice for Truth in New Mexico Politics

The Matt Walsh Blog

Absolute Truths (and alpaca grooming tips)


Who Said What


Jacques Delacroix' blog, Santa Cruz, CA, Facts Matter, Monterey Bay

Notes On Liberty

Spontaneous thoughts on a humble creed

The Real CVP

The Real CVP