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Boxes of Babies, And Ladies First

I’ve written recently about a rather pervasive culture of apathy the developed world has seemed to be infected with lately. In the United Kingdom, they dispose¬†of aborted and miscarried babies not with funerals–or even with any sense of ¬†sensitivity to the Enlightenment ideal of human dignity–but rather as kindling to stoke the furnaces of hospitals. […]

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Our Age of Apathy

During Neo’s first foray into the Matrix, he is treated to a revelation from his new-found mentor that in a post-apocalyptic Earth in which human supremacy has been supplanted by a race of totalitarian machines, any previous meaning the lives of the human race may have had has since been diminished and boiled down to […]

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Culture’s Problem, Redux

Revisiting the theme of my latest Saturday column (here), problems surrounding government waste and fraud actually have their genesis in the culture at large. Culture decays or grows dysfunctional. Government attempts a fix, most times with good intention. The “fix” provides a band-aid, but also incentivizes greater utilization of the programs for fraudulent reasons (“free” […]

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