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Redskins And The Tax Code

It would appear that Congress has outgrown the droll function of attending to the People’s business (like providing checks on presidential power to unilaterally delay laws, or being faithful stewards to the People’s money), and has now seen fit to turn their attention (and near limitless coercive potential) to the eminently urgent matter of sports […]

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State Of Our Union

Here are several of my streams of thought as I watched the State of the Union this evening, in no particular order: What seemed to be the recurring theme throughout the speech–one that should be of concern to anyone wishing to maintain the fidelity of the Constitution’s line on separation of powers–is the President’s increasing […]

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Federal Budget Needs Haircut, With Garden Shears

I never know whether to be amused or annoyed when a politician, in addressing DC’s culture of runaway spending, claims that there just isn’t “anything left to cut”. We searched everywhere in our $3.5 trillion budget, Mr. Taxpayer, but as our Headmistress of Profligacy and Speaker Emeritus Nancy Pelosi says, “the cupboard is bare”. The cupboard is bare, to be […]

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