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Pro-Lifers, We Still Have Our Work Cut Out For Us

Last year, I wrote about revelations from our English cousins across the pond that various hospitals on the island country had taken a central plot line from The Matrix a bit too close to heart, having harvesting the bodies of the post-abortive unborn for energy. I also remarked that, while the U.S. continues to do its own […]

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One Cell Is All It Takes

Life begins with one cell. That sentence shouldn’t be controversial, or otherwise troublesome. After all, no serious person would gaze at a single bacterium on a microscope slide moving by way of a polar flagellum–a masterwork of biological engineering–and conclude they weren’t witnessing the actions of a living organism. And yet, a depressingly high number […]

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“Birth-Like” Abortion And Gosnell’s Reckoning

As emotionally charged a topic as abortion is, it’s not difficult to imagine that if I were to solicit fitting descriptors of the practice from the average person, they might run the gamut between “barbaric” and “a woman’s choice”, all depending of course upon which side of the divide that person happens to fall. Needless to say, […]

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The Language of Abortion

With the coming and going of the 41st anniversary of the infamous Roe v Wade decision this week, once again the explosively divisive issues surrounding abortion “rights” are on the front burner. Hundreds of thousands of motivated pro-lifers descended on Washington, DC earlier this week in the massive March for Life–a similar walk occurs as I […]

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Wendy Davis: Facts Don’t Fit The Narrative

People like rags to riches stories. Cinderella, anyone? Misrepresentation about rags to riches stories? Well, not as much. Which is why Texas gubernatorial candidate and abortion “rights” advocate Wendy Davis has some ‘splaining to do. A Saturday Dallas Morning News piece on her painted a slightly more complicated picture than that of a divorced teenage mother escaping […]

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