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Grace Periods, Shrinking Networks And The WBC

The American Medical Association is discovering that it ought to have read the fine print a bit more carefully to the health care law they were instrumental in lobbying for. Four years after passage, the country’s largest physician’s group is cautioning that a provision under Obamacare could leave doctor’s eating the cost of the services […]

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Medicine Isn’t Attractive Anymore

Since 2007, the arc of my college career has bent towards medical school. During that time, I had always been enamored of the prospect of solving difficult medical puzzles. I enjoy their complexity and the diversity of knowledge it requires to crack them. I was spurred on by shows like House, and if I could take […]

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The Definition of Insanity Is Obamacare

If the definition of insanity is doing something over and over again and expecting a different result, then anyone claiming after each delay or modification to Obamacare that this one is the last ought expect the serious looking dudes in white coats to come knocking soon, because sorry my lad (or lass, to be inclusive), one thing […]

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Obamacare Pays To Not Work

It pays to work. Least ways, it used to. If the anticipated effect of yesterday’s Congressional Budget Office (CBO) report with regards to Obamacare comes to fruition, it’ll pay not to. According to the report, about 2.3 million people who are eligible to purchase cheaper health insurance or receive subsidies under Obamacare may voluntarily reduce […]

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Obamacare’s Two Books

Like any good mob business, there’s two sets of books (so I hear, anyway). One legitimate, one not. One you show the government when they come knocking, while the other contains your dirty laundry. The administration’s handling of Obamacare is operating a bit like that. They have two books: the one for the public, which […]

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