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Devil In The Details

With all the regularity of a Swiss watch, we find ourselves facing another case of 11th hour brinkmanship as Congress again deliberates a contentious omnibus spending bill–a massive 1,600 page measure that would fund all discretionary programs through 2015 (an additional continuing resolution would fund Homeland Security through February). Just as these recurrent arm-twisting sessions […]

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Loose Lips Sink Ships

By now, media saturation has cast far and wide President Obama’s oft-repeated, now oft-maligned promise that “if you like your insurance, you can keep your insurance. Period.” As innocuous as it was then, it today ranks as a line that a President gets remembered by. Kennedy with his “Ask not what your country can do […]

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Majority Rules, Minority Kneels

America, since its inception, has been rather suspicious of any organized majority growing so voluminous that it effectively subjugates the minority into submission. Why else should a loosely held band of colonialists shirk a tyrannical monarchy many thousands of miles away and establish a new republic? The idea is simple: the minority, no matter how […]

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