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Devil In The Details

With all the regularity of a Swiss watch, we find ourselves facing another case of 11th hour brinkmanship as Congress again deliberates a contentious omnibus spending bill–a massive 1,600 page measure that would fund all discretionary programs through 2015 (an additional continuing resolution would fund Homeland Security through February). Just as these recurrent arm-twisting sessions […]

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Money-No-Object Governance

“And to preserve [people’s] independence, we must not let our rulers load us with perpetual debt. We must make our election between economy and liberty, or profusion and servitude.”  –Thomas Jefferson With every debt milestone we bound over, it’s interesting to turn a fleeting gaze backwards to elicit the attitudes our national forefathers possessed regarding […]

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Federal Budget Needs Haircut, With Garden Shears

I never know whether to be amused or annoyed when a politician, in addressing DC’s culture of runaway spending, claims that there just isn’t “anything left to cut”. We searched everywhere in our $3.5 trillion budget, Mr. Taxpayer, but as our Headmistress of Profligacy and Speaker Emeritus Nancy Pelosi says, “the cupboard is bare”. The cupboard is bare, to be […]

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On The Other Hand…

Further to our post yesterday regarding the budget plan, let us consider the flip side of the coin. For there’s always two. I wrote yesterday that anyone interested in keeping the train from going over the cliff ought be leery of the proposed deal, as it trades “bird in the hand” cuts under current law […]

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Pin The Tail On The Budget Proposal

A new bipartisan budget deal to avert another possible government shutdown in January was released today by Paul Ryan and Patty Murray, chairpersons of their respective Budget Committees. It’s features are less than impressive: Spending levels for fiscal year 2014 would rise to $1.012 trillion, and $1.014 trillion for fiscal year 2015. For comparison, spending […]

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