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Banned For Life, Banned From Life

Here’s a cardboard box, Mr. Sterling. Clear our your desk, hand over the keys to your owner’s box, take your virulent racism and get out. We’ve already taken the liberty of reassigning your parking space. The door is that way… In a story that’s somehow–inexplicably–garnered more shared interest among media sorts and the public than […]

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Boxes of Babies, And Ladies First

I’ve written recently about a rather pervasive culture of apathy the developed world has seemed to be infected with lately. In the United Kingdom, they dispose¬†of aborted and miscarried babies not with funerals–or even with any sense of ¬†sensitivity to the Enlightenment ideal of human dignity–but rather as kindling to stoke the furnaces of hospitals. […]

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Diversity Is Dead, Dissent Is Dangerous

Diversity is dead. Dissent is dangerous. Now former Mozilla CEO Brendan Eich came face to face with the consequences of coming down on the opposite side of the fence from the intolerant Tolerance Brigade, as he stepped down today following outcry over contributions he made six years ago towards California’s Proposition 8, which defined marriage […]

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