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California’s American Flag Flap

In a rare moment of lucidity two weeks ago, California’s uber-liberal 9th Circuit Court of Appeals ruled that the state’s requirement that citizens articulate “good cause” to obtain a concealed weapons permit is unconstitutional, setting up other states with similar statues for identical court challenges. We applauded their common sense. They’ve since, however, fallen back […]

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“Shall Not Be Infringed” Means Just That

Courts coast to coast in the last several years may very well be spearheading the most significant liberalization of gun laws of the modern era, unequivocally affirming the individual right to keep and bear arms for self-defense, but that still doesn’t seem to thwart the likes of The Week‘s Zach Beauchamp from claiming intellectual and […]

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Medicine Isn’t Attractive Anymore

Since 2007, the arc of my college career has bent towards medical school. During that time, I had always been enamored of the prospect of solving difficult medical puzzles. I enjoy their complexity and the diversity of knowledge it requires to crack them. I was spurred on by shows like┬áHouse, and if I could take […]

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Carry Concealed in California? Have At It.

It’s not often I enjoy the liberalization of…anything, really, which is why today is quite the auspicious occasion indeed. By a divided 2-1 vote, the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals, widely considered to be one of–if not the most–liberal circuit in the country, struck down California’s requirement that citizen’s justify “good cause” to obtain a […]

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Redskins And The Tax Code

It would appear that Congress has outgrown the droll function of attending to the People’s business (like providing checks on presidential power to unilaterally delay laws, or being faithful stewards to the People’s money), and has now seen fit to turn their attention (and near limitless coercive potential) to the eminently urgent matter of sports […]

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