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Steyn And The Thin Skin Guild

All in the space of a scant 270 words, conservative columnist Mark Steyn managed to put a litigious bee in a climate scientist’s bonnet. As the defamation lawsuit brought by Dr. Michael Mann, of climate “hockey stick” infamy, against Steyn et al goes into a second year, it is well to remember that such an […]

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State Of Our Union

Here are several of my streams of thought as I watched the State of the Union this evening, in no particular order: What seemed to be the recurring theme throughout the speech–one that should be of concern to anyone wishing to maintain the fidelity of the Constitution’s line on separation of powers–is the President’s increasing […]

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The Language of Abortion

With the coming and going of the 41st anniversary of the infamous Roe v Wade decision this week, once again the explosively divisive issues surrounding abortion “rights” are on the front burner. Hundreds of thousands of motivated pro-lifers descended on Washington, DC earlier this week in the massive March for Life–a similar walk occurs as I […]

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Obamacare’s Two Books

Like any good mob business, there’s two sets of books (so I hear, anyway). One legitimate, one not. One you show the government when they come knocking, while the other contains your dirty laundry. The administration’s handling of Obamacare is operating a bit like that. They have two books: the one for the public, which […]

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Wendy Davis: Facts Don’t Fit The Narrative

People like rags to riches stories. Cinderella, anyone? Misrepresentation about rags to riches stories? Well, not as much. Which is why Texas gubernatorial candidate and abortion “rights” advocate Wendy Davis has some ‘splaining to do. A Saturday Dallas Morning News piece on her painted a slightly more complicated picture than that of a divorced teenage mother escaping […]

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