Obamacare Architect: Low Enrollment Due To “Lack of Promotion”


Former Presidential Health Care Adviser, Ezekiel Emanuel

According to a chief Obamacare architect, the reason why people aren’t signing onto the exchanges in large numbers isn’t because of a website that operates about as well as a three-toed sloth performing brain surgery with a jackhammer. It isn’t because people are leery of a law that’s already cost several million people (as of yet) to lose their current health insurance. Nor is it because of premium sticker stock. Nope, it’s because the law hasn’t been promoted enough.

Ezekiel Emanuel, a former health care adviser to the President, argued on Fox News Sunday that due to the issues surrounding the roll out of the exchange website, the administration has had it’s hands tied fixing it and hasn’t been able to adequately push the legislation to the public.

“No one has launched a big PR campaign to get these people signed up because of the problems with the federal website,” he said Sunday. “We are about to launch a big PR campaign, and that, I think, is going to persuade a lot of people to sign up.”

Whether an additional PR campaign can teach the dog to hunt remains to be seen. Of greater interest is: Where has Mr. Emanuel been hiding since burdening us with the Left’s latest bout of legislative malfeasance? According to this CBS News article, Obama has given 54 speeches on Obamacare. Spoiler alert: The article is dated from March 2010, just over one year after he took office. It’s been nearly four years since then. By now, he’s given hundreds of speeches or town hall events extolling the law’s purported virtues. Other high-ranking officials in his administration and in Congress have also gone across the country doing their best Billy Mays impressions trying to gin up support. But the problem is not enough campaigning for Obamacare? Seriously, Mr. Emanuel, have you been sheltered in Gollum’s cave for the last four years?

I’d hate to see what a real, concerted campaign for Obamacare would look like if we haven’t been treated to it already. But I think most people know why enrollment remains low: Obamacare is a legislative landmine, and people don’t generally step on landmines when they know where they are.

More here: Fox News Politics


About Michael Haugen

Michael Haugen is a full-spectrum conservative and recent graduate from Eastern Washington University (BS Biology). His main interests in politics and public policy center around health care, education and tax reform. He'll be returning to EWU in 2014 to complete a Master's degree in Public Administration. Follow him on Twitter: @HaugenTRA


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