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A Poetic Ode to 2013

Another year down, another to come. Here’s hoping the new one is a damn sight better than the last. Here’s a lyrical recollection of some of the top headlines of the year:   A yearly Boston marathon, no normal day was it. A day for pride and fitness, became violence two did commit. Three runners […]

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The Feel Good Brigade

Well, color me shocked. A week and a half after A&E suspended “Duck Dynasty” patriarch Phil Robertson for comments about homosexuality, the cable channel has performed an about-face worthy of West Point and reinstated him. I shouldn’t have been completely surprised, as earlier this week Cracker Barrel also abruptly changed course after public outrage in […]

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A Bone To Pick

I have a polite, but firm bone to pick with those of the secular persuasion regarding belief in a God, and one’s intelligence or the ability to reason. I came across a gentle soul on the¬†National Review Online¬†commenter’s board–always a festive (read: cutthroat) place–who was prepared to call into question a Bible-believer’s ability to reason. […]

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Tiptoeing On Eggshells

It’s been a rather busy week or so for the PC speech brigade. By now, even generations as yet unborn will have heard about the incendiary brouhaha surrounding Phil Robertson of “Duck Dynasty” fame and his remarks critical of homosexual activity early last week. And over the weekend, disgraced PR executive Justine Sacco was fired […]

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The Hope Of Nations

It started, of all things, with a census. Caesar Augustus, first Emperor of the new Roman Empire, decreed that all citizens ought be registered for purposes of taxation. If they were anything like the earlier Egyptian censuses, the head of household would have declared details of his property; who lived there, his livestock, employees, etc. […]

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