Boxes of Babies, And Ladies First

I’ve written recently about a rather pervasive culture of apathy the developed world has seemed to be infected with lately. In the United Kingdom, they dispose of aborted and miscarried babies not with funerals–or even with any sense of  sensitivity to the Enlightenment ideal of human dignity–but rather as kindling to stoke the furnaces of hospitals. […]

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Diversity Is Dead, Dissent Is Dangerous

Diversity is dead. Dissent is dangerous. Now former Mozilla CEO Brendan Eich came face to face with the consequences of coming down on the opposite side of the fence from the intolerant Tolerance Brigade, as he stepped down today following outcry over contributions he made six years ago towards California’s Proposition 8, which defined marriage […]

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Government’s Toolbox Shouldn’t Contain A Ratchet

From the Associated Press: The Obama administration has conducted warrantless searches of Americans’ communications as part of the National Security Agency’s surveillance operations that target foreigners located outside of the U.S., the administration’s top intelligence official confirmed in a letter to Congress disclosed Tuesday. These searches were authorized by a secret surveillance court in 2011, […]

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Our Age of Apathy

During Neo’s first foray into the Matrix, he is treated to a revelation from his new-found mentor that in a post-apocalyptic Earth in which human supremacy has been supplanted by a race of totalitarian machines, any previous meaning the lives of the human race may have had has since been diminished and boiled down to […]

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Grace Periods, Shrinking Networks And The WBC

The American Medical Association is discovering that it ought to have read the fine print a bit more carefully to the health care law they were instrumental in lobbying for. Four years after passage, the country’s largest physician’s group is cautioning that a provision under Obamacare could leave doctor’s eating the cost of the services […]

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Idaho: The Seventh State In Which The Prof May “Shoot A Student”

Yesterday, Idaho Governor Butch Otter signed into law SB 1254, allowing the state’s 1,128 holders of enhanced concealed carry permits–as well as retired police officers–to carry firearms on public college and university campuses. Good for them. Lame appeals to emotion aside–the Today show this morning called the bill “controversial”, and referenced an Idaho professor who […]

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Surely We’re Better Than Banning “Bossy”?

On Friday, we highlighted yet another instance of the wussification of little boys in America, where brandishing your own index finger in the shape of a gun is now punishable with suspension by the purveyors of “zero tolerance”. However, in today’s era of “fairness”, it’s important not to leave the girls out in the cold. Fortunately, […]

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cops and robbers

Level Two Stupidity

I’ve written previously about the lengths that the Nanny State, in their zeal to save us from ourselves, will take to homogenize the masses into a mindless horde of drones that looks to the wisdom of Project Group Think instead of allowing the individual to appeal to their own common sense. Schools, filled to the […]

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